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Meng is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is the assistant of the fortuneteller Aunt Wu.


  • Hareng - Meng and Haru
  • Maang - Meng and Aang
  • The Meng - Meng and The Duke

Canon Relationships


Meng had a crush on Aang as soon as she saw him for the first time. Aunt Wu had predicted that Meng would marry a guy with large ears and Aang happened to have large ears. She attempted to get Aang's attention and flirt with him multiple times. Unfortunately for Meng, Aang had feelings for Katara instead. Aang was oblivious towards Meng's feelings but took her ideas and used them to try and get Katara's attention. She noticed this and eventually confronted Aang about her feelings. Aang did not feel the same but assured Meng that she would eventually find somebody. Meng acted as if she was supportive of Aang and Katara possibly being together but secretly called Katara a floozy when she left.


Meng does not have a lot of popularity in the Avatar fandom because many fans find her to be kookie and weird. In fact, she did stalk Aang which many fans found to be creepy. However, some fans find her to be funny. Many fans were especially amused by the fact that Meng called Katara a floozy as she was leaving Makapu Village. Some fans are amused by the fact that Meng and Toph have the same voice actress and see Maang as a precursor to Taang.


  • Meng's voice actress Jessie Flower would later go on to voice Toph.
  • Meng supposedly has a new crush every week.

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