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Meelo is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is an airbender as well as the son of Tenzin and Pema and the grandson of Avatar Aang and Katara.


Het Ships

  • Tulo - Meelo and Tuyen

Other Ships

  • Meeaf - Meelo and "the leaf"

Canon Relationships

Asami Sato

Meelo briefly had a crush on Asami when she first moved to Air Temple Island. He smiled at her and told her that she was pretty. He even asked if he could have some of her hair. When her boyfriend Mako asked where he was staying, Meelo immediately replied that he had to stay in housing for men because he is a boy. Meelo was disappointed when Korra told him to go with Mako instead of her and Asami. He seems to have gotten over his crush at some point.


Meelo crushed on Tuyen as soon as he met her. He whispered to her that he was on a top secret mission to find Avatar Korra. Tuyen had not seen her but Meelo still told her that he saw some "crazy" stuff in order to impress her. Meelo then introduced himself to Tuyen and asked who she was besides "beautiful." However, after she introduced herself to him, Ikki interrupted them because Jinora was looking for him. Meelo was clearly annoyed by this. He had to leave so Tuyen gave him a flower before saying goodbye and patting him on the head. Meelo blushed after she gave him the flower.


Meelo was one of the first characters announced for the series with the other two being Korra and Tenzin. Nothing was revealed besides a sketch and his name. Many fans were hoping that Meelo would be a firebender or waterbender with some believing that he might actually be an airbender. The latter guess turned out to be correct. Most fans were excited to see that Tenzin had children as Meelo was his first child to be revealed.

Once the series started to air, a lot of fans found Meelo to be adorable. Once he told Korra to "be the leaf," a lot fans made that quote into a meme. When Meelo mistook an object for a toilet off-screen, most fans found him to be hilarious. This continued to be the case when Meelo started to bend his own flatulence, although some fans felt that the toilet humor was going too far. Meelo was not really shipped with anybody until Book Four: Balance when he met Tuyen and flirted with her. At this point, a large amount of fans started to ship them together and some wrote fan fiction about the two meeting again in the future.


  • Meelo was originally supposed to be "cute" until the creators decided to go with an alternative design that made him seem "so ugly that he was cute."