MedLink is a Het ship between Link and Medli in The Legend of Zelda series.


Link first meets Medli while visiting Dragonroost Island in search for the Din's Pearl. She gives him a letter for Prince Komali in order to give him courage. When that does not work, she has Link help her up to Dragonroost Cavern so that she can go solve the issue with Valoo. Medli assures him that she will be safe but ends up being captured. Luckily, Link manages to climb his way up and rescue her. Medli gives him a Grappling Hook and tells him that something is picking at Valoo's tail. Link manages to stop the monster that is harassing the dragon and Medli convinces Komali to apologize to him and give him the pearl.

Link later encounters Medli again while she is playing her harp which embarrasses her because she worries that he might be able to see her fate. He then plays the Earth God's Lyric which awakens her as the sage of the Earth Temple. The two then journey to the temple and navigate it together. Afterwards, Medli helps restore some power to the Master Sword. As Link leaves, she instructs him to find one more sage and asks him to look after Komali for her since she must stay and continue to pray. After Ganondorf is defeated, Medli appears on Tetra's pirate ship along with Makar and waves at Link.


MedLink has a decent amount of popularity and is one of the more popular ships from the Wind Waker. It is often overshadowed by more popular ships such as Zelink but still has a slight following. Many fans have speculated that Medli has a crush on Link. While others ship her with Komali, others speculate that Komali's crush on her is one-sided if there is even a crush at all. MedLink most commonly rivals the Zelink (Tetrink) and Komedli ships.