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I still had a friend in James in terms of - well I started taking him to stealing the caddie carts.
—Michael Fassbender on James McAvoy.


$James McAvoy *1 Square And there was one moment in that scene when we go into the world of cross-dressing which ultimately...
$James McAvoy *1 Square *turns to Michael*
$James McAvoy *1 Square You loved it!
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square Found a whole new side of my personality.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square *laughs*
$James McAvoy *1 Square I was surprised at how much comfortable you were.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square That's just 'cause you found me attractive, James.
$James McAvoy *1 Square I've asked you not to reveal that on camera.
Interviewer Have you been doing this too?
$James McAvoy *1 Square What, bending over? Only for seven months while I was making this film.
$James McAvoy *1 Square *laughs towards Michael, who enters frame and sits down in the chair next to him*
$James McAvoy *1 Square I would be called Cupid, and I would be able, just with the click of my hands or the unbuttoning of a pair of jeans, be able to spread arousal all around me.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square Can I just say, you've been mentioning this for about a week now. And about two days after he started saying that I started getting really horny.
$James McAvoy *1 Square We got a lot of love for the whole group, really. Him and I worked very closely, particularly on First Class. There's no other guy I'd rather work with. He's amazing. Love the fella!
Interviewer He said you're a horrible person.
$James McAvoy *1 Square But he lies! What he knows is that he's learned everything he knows from me. And he needs me just a bit too much.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square You got a little hair there.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square *removes hair strand from chin*
$James McAvoy *1 Square Thanks, dear. He's always looking out for me.
Interviewer Yeah, he’s got you. He’s grooming you, making you look good.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square Working with the rumors.
*both laughing*
Interviewer Extreme talent can sometimes be considered a mutation.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square Or could be called James McAvoy.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square *makes kiss-motion*
$James McAvoy *1 Square *reciprocates*
$James McAvoy *1 Square I think that the sexiness of the character comes across so so brilliantly.

Not that i’m drawn to that. But uh...

$Michael Fassbender *3 Square *makes "small"-gesture*
$James McAvoy *1 Square A little bit... on Tuesdays.
Interviewer So do you know what day it is today?
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square Oh it's Tuesday, isn't it?
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square *laughs*
$James McAvoy *1 Square We had sex every morning, and that helped.
Audience member Is it true that every morning, McAvoy and you would-
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square *dramatically pulls the microphone back by its chord*
2011/05/23 The Dorchester, London X-Men: First Class press conference
Questioner My question’s for both James and Michael. There are some lovely Bond and ‘60s references in the movie, which Matthew has referred to as being intentional. Are you aware of reportedly being front runners for the next 007 when Daniel Craig steps down?
$James McAvoy *1 Square He told me he really wanted us to do it.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square You told me that too.
$James McAvoy *1 Square I told you that after you told me that. We were peeing at the time.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square I was crossing swords.
Jake Hamilton interview
$James McAvoy *1 Square I think that for me it's just that people who are open and a bit able to make the most of your day kinda like try and have a nice time together, and that's what I can respond to- I just wanna do that with you anyway... darling.
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square Thanks, darling. Me too.
Hamilton This is a sweet moment.
$James McAvoy *1 Square It was. Touching. Nearly as powerful as the film.
Matt Edmonson interview
Edmonson I think I can work out the question that you get asked that annoys you the most about this movie. So I’ve got to read that, it’s my last question. Question: generally when people come in here and they ask you “Are you in X-Men?” The question that...
$James McAvoy *1 Square How many times did you have sex with Michael Fassbender?
Edmonson That was the question. And what is the answer?
$James McAvoy *1 Square Four.
Edmonson Four times. And how tender a lover is he?
$James McAvoy *1 Square *sucks in his breath, considers*
$James McAvoy *1 Square ...Define tender?
Edmonson I guess... a bit of spooning afterwards...
$James McAvoy *1 Square *shakes head*
Edmonson ...some snuggles...
$James McAvoy *1 Square *continues shaking his head*
Edmonson ...maybe a little *kissy sounds* on the neck?
$James McAvoy *1 Square *shakes head*
$James McAvoy *1 Square No, I have to take care of myself afterwards.
Days of Future Past interview
$Michael Fassbender *3 Square I kept thinking of Marvin Gaye and what he used to do to relax which was masturbate.
*both laughing*
$James McAvoy *1 Square It is relaxing.

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