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Mavin is the slash ship between Michael Jones and Gavin Free from the Rooster Teeth fandom.


Gavin Free and Michael Jones both work at Roosterteeth. They are both Achievement Hunters and as such have been in many Let's Plays together. 

There is no romantic relationship between the two, though they both make jokes about it. 


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Gavin/Michael tag on Archive of Our Own.


  • The Roosterteeth crew know about Mavin and reference the ship a lot.
  • Gavin and Michael are both straight, but like to tease around with Mavin by sometimes acting romantic during Let's Plays. For example, in a Minecraft Things to Do, they were stuck in a hole together and Michael said they could start a family together.
  • Due to Gavin having a thick British accent, in fandom, he usually pronounces Michael Mi-Cool when he speaks.
  • Michael often calls Gavin "Gavvy Wavvy"
  • Gavin sometimes calls Michael "Mikey Wikey".
  • They refer to each other as "boi".
  • Their team name is "Team Nice Dynamite", which was named by Michael.



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