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Marvel Worldwide, Inc., commonly referred to as Marvel Comics and formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group, is an American publisher of comic books and related media. In 2009, The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Worldwide's parent company, for $4.2 billion.


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List of ships from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Femslash Ships

Ship aka Character 1 Character 2
Agent Widow Peggynat Peggy Carter Natasha Romanova
BlackHill SHIELD Wives Maria Hill Natasha Romanova
Bobbinat Blackbird Bobbi Morse Natasha Romanova
Bobbinda Mobbi Bobbi Morse Melinda May
Cartinelli Peggy Carter Angie Martinelli
BlackPepper RedPepper Pepper Potts Natasha Romanova
Romaynov Melinda May Natasha Romanova
Simmorse Mockingnerd Bobbi Morse Jemma Simmons
Skimmons Bioquake Daisy Johnson Jemma Simmons
Natsharon Sharon Carter Natasha Romanova
WidowShock Darcy Lewis Natasha Romanova
Yelenat Yelena Belova Natasha Romanova

Het Ships

Ship aka Character 1 Character 2
Brutasha Bruce Banner Natasha Romanoff
Clintasha Clint Barton Natasha Romanoff
FitzSimmons Leo Fitz Jemma Simmons
Fosterson Thor Jane Foster
Huntingbird Lance Hunter Bobbi Morse
Iron Widow Tony Stark Natasha Romanoff
PeggySous DoubleAgent Peggy Carter Daniel Sousa
Pepperony Tony Stark Pepper Potts
Romanogers Stevetasha Steve Rogers Natasha Romanoff
SkyeWard Grant Ward Daisy Johnson
Steggy Steve Rogers Peggy Carter

Slash Ships

Ship aka Character 1 Character 2
ClintCoulson Clint Barton Phil Coulson
FrostIron Loki Tony Stark
SamSteve Sam Wilson Steve Rogers
Stony Steve Rogers Tony Stark
Stucky Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes
Thorki Thor Loki

List of ships from Earth-616

Femslash ships

Ship aka Character 1 Character 2
Amerikate Americakate America Chavez Kate Bishop
BlackPepper Natasha Romanova Pepper Potts
Katecassie Cassiekate Kate Bishop Cassie Lang
KarolinaXavin XavinKarolina Karolina Dean Xavin
Heatherphyla Heather Douglas Phyla-Vell
Jublilaura Laura Kinney Jubilation Lee
Supergirlfriends CarolJess Carol Danvers Jessica Drew
Superwives Carolwanda Carol Danvers Wanda Maximoff
Yelenat Natasha Romanoff Yelena Belova

Het ships

Ship aka Character 1 Character 2
Buckynat Winterwidow Bucky Barnes Natasha Romanoff
Jott Scott Summers Jean Grey
Romanogers Steve Rogers Natasha Romanoff
Romy Gambit Rogue
Scemma Scott Summers Emma Frost

Slash ships

Ship aka Character 1 Character 2
Cherik Charles Xavier Erik Lehnsherr
Stony Steve Rogers Tony Stark

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