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MaruMine is the het ship between Marluxia and Naminé from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Marluxia met Naminé while on a mission in Castle Oblivion. He had plans to overthrow the organization and wanted to use her in order to do so. Marluxia captured Naminé and forced her to alter Sora's memories. Nobody else knew of her yet so he manipulated her by making her think that nobody would come to rescue her if she did not cooperate. However, Marluxia eventually leaves Naminé with Axel and he allows her to escape so that she can go see Sora. He later holds her captive again and uses her a shield against Axel. Marluxia also tries to force Naminé to destroy all of Sora's memories when he arrives. However, she refuses and Sora ends up defeating him.


MaruMine has a decent amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. Despite the fact that they were enemies, some fans still feel that they belong together. Others often criticize this pairing because Marluxia held Naminé captive and was willing to use her as a shield at one point. However, this does not stop the fans from shipping this pairing as they still see chemistry between the two.



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