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Maplink is a Het ship between Link and Maple in The Legend of Zelda series.


Link first encounters Maple in either Holodrum or Labrynna, depending on which game is played first. She will appear whenever Link defeats thirty enemies or fifteen if he has her ring equipped. If he bumps into Maple, both will drop many items such as Rupees, rings and other important items. The two will then scatter to pick up both of their items. This turns into a rivalry and Maple will hold a grudge if Link gets more items and taunt him if she gets more.

In Oracle of Seasons, if Link is holding a Cucco egg while running into Maple, that will be the only thing that is dropped from the both of them. She will then state that she needs it and collect before giving Link a ghastly doll in return. In both games, if Maple gets enough Rupees from Link, she will trade in her magic broom for a vacuum cleaner. In the linked game, she can even trade that for a flying saucer.


Maplink has a small amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom but is not very popular. It is overshadowed by the popular pairings such as Zelink and even other pairings in the oracle games such as Dinlink. Some Maple as an enemy to Link because of the initial hostility and her willingness to take the items that he dropped, although this rivalry even seems to become more friendly in nature as time passes.


  • In Oracle of Ages, Maple is somehow able to travel through time as she can run into Link when he is in the past.