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Malec is a slash ship between Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane in the The Mortal Instruments book series and it's TV adaptation: Shadowhunters.



In the books the relationship between Malec starts slow, because Alec denies his feelings, but at the end they, end up together and even have two sons. MALEC 4EVER. Malec is my favourite ship from The Mortal Instruments, because I'm pretty sure everyone shipped it since City of Bones, and I'm pretty sure it broke everyone's hearts when Malec nearly broke up. If it didn't then you have no heart.

TV Show

In the TV series the relationship between Malec is faster than in the books, but the last episode of season one left them kind of confused. I'm pretty sure everyone appreciated S1 E12, called Malec, which was coincidentally about Malec. I love it, even though I watched it in YouTube because sadly, I don't live in the U.S.A


There is not much Malec in the movie, but Magnus calls Alec hot, and then heals him for free, so... yeah, you can see the love



  • Another name for this ship is Freewheeling Bisexual Warlock (Magnus) and Princess Shadowhunter (Alec)

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