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Mako is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is a firebending cop from Republic City and the older brother of Bolin.


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  • Makarf - Mako and his scarf

Canon Relationships

Asami Sato

Mako first met Asami when she accidentally hit him with her moped. He was about to yell at her but was smitten by her beauty. She invited out to a date and he accepted. They hit it off pretty quickly. The two soon began dating. Asami bought him a new scarf but Mako kept wearing his old one and explained to her what happened to his parents. They cuddled while going on a ride.

Despite the fact that he was falling for Korra, Mako stayed with Asami. He was even protective of her when Korra accused her father of being an Equalist. However, Asami eventually caught onto his feelings for Kora and this eventually led to their break up. Over six months later, after he broke up with Korra, Mako decided to help Asami with her stolen supplies. She kissed him when he refused to give up on her. Asami later convinced him to go on a date with her and he agreed to while kissing her. However, he was arrested and Korra later returned and forgot about their break up. Mako did not remind her of it which irritated Asami. They still remained friends.


Mako first met Korra when Bolin brought her into the pro-bending arena. He initially did not think much of her but he was eventually impressed by her skills and she joined his pro-bending team. Mako later started to date Asami but found that he was falling for Korra as well. Korra even confessed her feelings to him and they kissed. Mako and Asami eventually broke up over this. When Korra was captured by Tarrlok, Mako realized that he could not live without her. He later confessed his love to her and they kissed, starting their relationship.

Mako and Korra dated for over six months. However, they had issues with getting along over certain political issues. Mako later ratted Korra out to President Raiko when she was going to go behind the latter's back to General Iroh. They ended up in a screaming fight over the issue and Mako broke up with Korra. However, Korra ended up with amnesia and forgot about the break up. Mako played along with it but she eventually remembered. Mako and Korra agreed that a relationship between them does not work and decided to break up for good. Mako admitted that he would always love her. The two still remained good friends. Mako told Korra that he was always follow her into battle no matter how crazy it seemed.


As soon as Mako was introduced as a character, fans began to ship him with Korra. Their relationship would involve a waterbender with a firebender and many fans felt that it would be similar to Zutara. Support for this ship especially increased when the series started. However, once Asami was introduced, a lot of fans began to ship him with her. However, after Book One, a lot fans considered the ship to be dead. Furthermore, many fans began to hate Mako because of his relationship issues. In Book Four, a lot fans began to ship Mako with Wu because of their growing friendship and because Mako was the only main character to not be in a relationship at the end of the series. However, when it was revealed that Mako was going to be with Izumi's daughter, a lot fans started to create profiles for her and pair them together.


  • Mako is named after Mako Iwamatsu, the first voice actor of Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender who passed away.
  • Mako was originally going to be paired with Izumi's daughter in Book Four but it did not make the final cut.