Maizula is a Femslash ship between Azula and Mai in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Azula and Mai were friends since their childhood as they both went to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls along with Ty Lee. However, Azula sometimes picked on her and noticed that she was beginning to crush on her brother Zuko. She decided that it would be funny to cause an awkward moment and invited Zuko to play with them before placing an apple on Mai's head and lighting it on fire. Zuko ended up tackling Mai into the fountain and Azula laughed at her which angered her.

Years later, Mai moved to Omashu with her family after the Fire Nation managed to capture it. Azula was looking for people to help her capture the Avatar and went to get Mai in Omashu. She readily agreed to join because she was so bored. While Azula usually intimidated everyone into following her orders, Mai was less afraid of her and refused to enter a slurry pipe, saying that she did not care if Azula shot lightning at her for it. She also did not follow her orders to keep Bosco hostage and allowed Team Avatar to take him.

Ba Sing Se later fell so Mai and Azula returned to the Fire Nation along with Ty Lee and Zuko. Mai and Zuko began to date at this point. However, Zuko decided to leave the Fire Nation and join Team Avatar while breaking up with Mai in the process. The group later went to the Boiling Rock when Zuko and Sokka were there. The warden was going to stop them from escaping but Mai intervened and allowed them to escape. Azula confronted Mai on her decision and she responded that she loves Zuko more than she fears Azula. Azula was greatly angered by this and attempted to attack Mai until Ty Lee intervened. She then had the both of them thrown in prison.


Maizula has a small amount of popularity but is not nearly as popular as Tyzula due to the fact that many ship the canon ship Maiko instead. Still, Maizula does have its fans. Some fans feel that Mai's cold personality would make her a better match for Azula than the cheery Ty Lee. Some speculated that she was jealous of her relationship with Zuko as Mai choosing Zuko over her is was caused her to go over the edge. Maizula most commonly rivals the Tyzula and Maiko ships.