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Mai is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Mai is a weapon user from the Fire Nation who used to work for Azula and is Zuko's ex-girlfriend.



Jai - the ship between Mai and Jet
Maiaang - the ship between Mai and Aang
Maikka - the ship between Mai and Sokka
Maiko - the ship between Mai and Zuko


Mai Lee - the ship between Mai and Ty Lee
Maizula - the ship between Mai and Azula



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Mai has known Zuko since they were children and started to have a crush on him while they were children. Azula made fun of them and set up a situation where Zuko tackled Mai into a fountain which embarrassed her. After Zuko was permitted to return home to the Fire Nation from his banishment, the two started dating. They broke up a couple of times and Zuko eventually left the Fire Nation to help the Avatar. Mai betrayed Azula to help Zuko and was imprisoned until the end of the war. They got back together after the war ended but broke up again over a year later due to trust issues. Mai later begins to date Kei Lo who warns her to protect Zuko when he returns to the Fire Nation when an assassination attempt is planned. Her brother Tom-Tom is later captured by the Kemurikage so Zuko tries to help her save him.

Kei Lo

After Mai broke up with Zuko again, her parents tried to set her up with a man named Kei Lo. He was member of the New Ozai Society which was dedicated to overthrowing Zuko and reinstating Ozai as Fire Lord. It was revealed that Mai's parents used Kei Lo to try and get her to join the New Ozai Society but Kei Lo insisted that he really did have feelings for her. However, she punched him in the face and knocked him out. By the time that Zuko returns to the Fire Nation, Mai and Kei Lo are dating. He helps warn her about an assassination attempt on him to which she helps create a decoy operation to save him.


Mai is a rather popular Avatar character although the overall fandom has mixed feelings about her. A significant amount of fans find her to be too cold or "emo" and feel that she was rude to Zuko at times, especially while they were at Ember Island. Some despise her for interfering with the Zutara ship. Some Zutara fans ship Mai with other characters such as Jet in order to solve the problem of her being paired off with somebody besides Zuko. Many fans speculate that Mai might be the mother of Zuko's daughter.



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