Lutra aka Petkas is a ship Beetween Lukas and Petra in the game Minecraft Story Mode.

Canon Hints

Lukas says to Jesse if your cool with Petra your cool with us meaning Petra must have a role in Lukas,s life.

Lukas and Petra knew Each other before episode 1 Jesse says Lukas is a jerk Petra says Lukas may be kind of arrogant, but he has come through for me in tricky situations, you might wanna get to know him just in case blushing, he's good at building that's for sure, no matter what you may think of him personally.

In one when Ivor is about to put the head on the evil iron golem Lukas and Petra are standing next to Each other.

When Jesse says someone scammed Petra Lukas says everyone knows you don't mess with Petra.

Lukas wants to stay in the orders temple, because of Petra.

When Jesse comes back from Boomtown Lukas is really happy when Petra is back.

Petra smiles at Lukas and Lukas gives Jesse a slime ball and Petra says told you he was useful.

Petra is upset when Cassie accuses Lukas of killing CaptianSparkelz.

When Jesse talks to Elegard or Magnus Lukas and Petra talk to eachother.

When Lukas worries about Alex and Olivia Petra calms him down.

When the gang leaves pamas core Lukas and Petra are close to eachother

When Jesse and Petra fight Ivor the others come and Lukas and Petra are next to eachother.

Lukas is still in the basement hiding from the evil Iron Golem and Petra is worried and wants to help him.

If you save Petra in episode 1 Petra is too weak to walk and Lukas warns Jesse.

Lukas is more excited and emotional that Petra comes back then if Gabriel does.

Petra is really mad when the blaze rods mock Lukas and defends him.