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Love Live! is a video game and anime fandom.



List of Ships

Note: Since this series has no named male characters of any significance, all ships listed here are femslash.

Original series


Cross generation

  • HonoChika - A ship between Honoka Kousaka and Chika Takami.
  • EliDia - A ship between Eli Ayase and Dia Kurosawa.
  • KotoYou - A ship between Kotori Minami and You Watanabe.
  • RikoUmi - A ship between Riko Sakurauchi and Umi Sonoda.
  • RinMaru - A ship between Rin Hoshizora and Hanamaru Kunikida.
  • YoshiMaki/YohaMaki - A ship between Yoshiko 'Yohane' Tsushima and Maki Nishikino.
  • NozoKana - A ship between Nozomi Tojo and Kanan Matsuura.
  • RubyPana - A ship between Ruby Kurosawa and Hanayo Koizumi.
  • NicoMari - A ship between Nico Yazawa and Mari Ohara.
  • RikoMaki- A ship between Riko Sakurauchi and Maki Nishikino
  • NicoHane- A Ship between Nico Yazawa and Yohane/Yoshiko Tsushuma
  • NozoMari- A ship between Nozomi Tojou and Mari Ohara
  • KananUmi- A ship between Kanan Matsuura and Umi Sonoda


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