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Longshot is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is an archer and a member of the Freedom Fighters.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships

Longshot is not known to have an canon relationships but it is possible that he is romantically involved with Smellerbee. The two have been great friends for a long time and Longshot is always able to comfort Smellerbee without even speaking. When Smellerbee was upset over being mistaken for a male, Longshot went to comfort he and she calmed down.


Longshot was seen as a mysterious character in the Avatar fandom. A lot fans thought that he was mute and were surprised when he finally spoke a line as Jet was dying. Most fans ship Longshot with Smellerbee and suspect that they might have romantic feelings for each other, especially after the rumor was stated in Avatar extras.


  • Longshot was thought to be mute until he finally spoke.
  • Avatar Extras has suggested that Longshot might be romantically involved with Smellerbee.