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Linumi is a Het ship between Bumi and Lin Beifong in The Legend of Korra series.


Bumi and Lin have not been shown to interact that much in the series. It is likely that they knew each other well as children because their parents were friends and Lin once dated Bumi's brother Tenzin. Following Harmonic Convergence, Bumi eventually found that he became an airbender. Lin and Mako arrived to Air Temple Island to inform them that Bumi was not the only one. After the Red Lotus attacked the new Air Nation at the Northern Air Temple, Bumi was greatly injured. Lin eventually arrived to rescue him and helped him walk because he was too injured to walk on his own.


Linumi became a popular ship by the end of Book One: Air. It's confirmed that Lin never married or had kids after she and Tenzin broke up while Bumi's assumed to have never gotten married or had kids. Back then, it was thought that Bumi was the middle child of the family and thus closer to Lin's age before it was eventually revealed that he's the oldest and his and Tenzin's sister, Kya, is the middle child.

Despite their relatively large age difference, many fans like to ship Bumi and Lin, partially because many fans feel that their personalities contrast nicely and balance each other out --

  • Lin's very serious and kind of a stickler for the rules.
  • Bumi has a much more playful and rebellious personality (but not to the point of being a lawbreaker).