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Lindanton is a Het ship between Anton and Linda in The Legend of Zelda series.


Anton and Linda both live on Windfall Island. They both seem to have eyes for each other by the time that Link visits but both are too shy to talk to each other. As Anton is walking around the island, he and Linda will exchange glances every time he passes her. Link can take a picture of Linda and show it to Anton. He does so, he will admit his crush on her and decide to ask her out. Within the next few days, they will appear at the cafe together. Anton will reveal that Linda liked him too and they will reward him with a Heart Piece for helping them get together. Afterwards, the couple will be found standing together outside every day.


Lindanton is often overlooked among the Zelda fandom due to the fact that both are very minor characters. However, most fans find their relationship to be adorable and support them being together. Since a Heart Piece is rewarded for getting them together, most fans are more than happy to help them out on their small side-quest. Despite the fact that multiple men are seen to have eyes for Linda, most ship her with Anton.


  • Lenzo claims that he will act as cupid and help Anton and Linda get together but this never happens.