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Lin Beifong is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is a master earthebender and metalbender as well as the chief of the police force in Republic City. Lin is also the daughter of Toph Beifong and Kanto and the older maternal half-sister of Suyin Beifong (Toph is their mother, but they each have different fathers).



Linumi - the ship between Bumi and Lin
Linzin - the ship between Tenzin and Lin


Korralin - the ship between Korra and Lin
Kyalin - the ship between Kya and Lin
Pemlin - the ship between Pema and Lin

Canon Relationships


Lin and Tenzin dated at some point in the past. Lin got to know Tenzin because her mother Toph was friends with his parents. However, Lin did not want to have children while Tenzin pretty much had to in order to repopulate the airbenders. This caused them to grow apart. Eventually, a woman named Pema fell in love with Tenzin and confessed her feelings to him. Tenzin then broke up with Lin which greatly broke her heart and caused her to damage Air Temple Island in some manner.

Despite there still being some rockiness, Lin and Tenzin eventually became friends again.


Lin Beifong was a highly anticipated character as soon as she was introduced at a Comic Con panel. Many fans were excited to see that Toph had children. Her first name was not revealed at first but she was still very popular. Some fans speculated that she dated Tenzin at some point in the past and this turned out to be correct. Others speculated that Lin did not want children and this was also revealed to be correct. Lin became a very popular character after she showed off her metalbending skills and sacrificed her bending to save Tenzin and his family.

A lot fans started to ship Lin with Tenzin as soon as they learned about their past relationship. Some only shipped it as a past relationship while others prefer it over Pemzin. Some fans hoped that Pema would turn out to be an Equalist or die of childbirth so that Lin and Tenzin could be together again. Others started to ship Lin with either of Tenzin's siblings. Some ship her with Bumi while others ship her with Kya. The ship between Kya and Lin started to become popular, especially after the former was revealed to be part of the LGBT+ community.


  • The creators have confirmed that at least part of what hurt Lin's relationship with Tenzin was the fact that Tenzin wanted to have kids while Lin didn't.
  • Lin's past relationship with Tenzin was thought to disprove the Tokka ship until it was revealed that she has a half-sister with a different father (some fans suspect that Sokka might be Suyin's father).