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LexZex is a Slash ship between Lexaeus and Zexion in the Kingdom Hearts series. It can also refer to the pairing between Aeleus and Ienzo.


Aeleus and Ienzo both knew each other for a long time as both were apprentices of Ansem the Wise. They were eventually turned into heartless and nobodies of them were created as well. Xemnas recruited them into Organization XIII and named them Lexaeus and Zexion respectively. The two were eventually sent on a mission to Castle Oblivion. Together they monitored all activity taking place and attempted to keep an eye on Marluxia who was planning to overthrow the organization. Lexaeus is later killed by Riku and apologizes to Zexion for failing. Zexion was later absorbed by the Riku Replica. At some point the future, Aeleus and Ienzo woke up in Radiant Garden as their whole selves again.


LexZex is a decently popular Kingdom Hearts ship. It is the most popular ship involving Lexaeus and is most likely the most popular Zexion ship as well. Popularity for this ship increased as VekuZeku declined when it was learned that there was a significant age gap between the two. With the way that Lexaeus and Zexion worked together in Castle Oblivion, many fans felt that they had a close relationship and made a fitting couple.