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Lauriver (also known as Canarrow, after the couples' Superhero Alter Egos) is the popularized name for the relationship between Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary. The term was coined by fans of the TV Series Arrow (since 2012), where it designates a Het Ship between the Main Characters Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance. In the Smallville fandom the ship became known as Dollie.


Pre-52 (1969–2011)

Starting in 1969 with the Comics run by Neal Adams and Dennis O'Neill, for the first time Black Canary became a Love Interest for Green Arrow. The Relationship continued in later runs culminating in the marriage of the couple. However Dinah dumps Oliver after he murdered the supervillain Prometheus.

Rebirth (since 2016)

After neither being a Couple nor working together in the new 52, Green Arrow and Black Canary meet for the first time in the 2016 Volume One of the Green Arrow Rebirth run. While working together on a case of human trafficking the two fall in love and later start dating.

Injustice Prequel Comics (2012/13)

Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance again are a couple and member of Batmans Resurgence against Superman. After Green Arrow is killed by Superman it is revealed, that Dinah is pregnant mit Olivers Child. After the birth of their son Connor, Black Canary is mortally wounded while fighting against Superman but is then saved by Dr. Fate and brought to another Earth. That Earths Oliver Queen is still alive, but lost his Dinah Lance years ago.


Justice League Unlimited (2004–2006)

Green Arrow first sees Black Canary in the Pilot Episode on Justice League Base, after it was offered to him to join the League, which he previously denied. It is hinted, that it was his first glimpse at Black Canary, that makes Green Arrow stay and join the League. In the first Episode of the second season she asks him for help in finding her Mentor Wild Cat, who was forced to join an Underground Fight Club. Later that Season both are assigned to protect Mob Boss Mandragora from the Huntress. They become closer during the Mission and share a kiss.

Young Justice (2011–2013; since 2017)

As Senior Members of the Justice League Green Arrow and Black Canary are both recurring Characters and a couple.

DC Showcase:Green Arrow (2010)

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Voiced by Neal McDonogh) and Black Canary (Voiced by Grey DeLisle) are a Couple. Toward the end of the Showcase he proposes to her, after she saves him from Count Vertigo.

Live-Action Television

Smallville (2001–2011)

While Oliver Queen (played by Justin Hartley) appears as series regular in Season Six, Black Canary (played by Alaina Huffman) first appears in Season Seven. Though a common romantic interest is hinted and Canary flirts with Arrow, they don't become a couple.

Arrow (since 2012)

Before he was strandet on an Island five years before the series began, Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell) and Dinah Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassidy), who goes by her middle name in the Series, dated for two years. Since Oliver cheated on Laurel with her Sister Sara resulting in Oliver and Sara to be presumed dead, Laurel reacts cold toward him upon his return to Starling City. During his Absence, Laurel started to date Olivers best friend Tommy Merlyn (see Merlance). During the first season Laurel becomes intrigued with the mysterius Vigilante called The Hood, who is, unbeknown to her, Oliver. At the end of the first season, Tommy ends the relationship with Laurel, after he finds out Oliver is the Hood and realizes, that Laurel, if she'd know who Oliver really is, would choose Oliver over him. In the second season Laurel is like her back-from-the-dead sister Sara Olivers primary Love Interest.

Oliver and Laurel stay good friends in Seasons Three and Four.

On her deathbed towards the end of Season Four, she tells Oliver that he was the Love of her Life. In the season 4 finale Oliver, despite taking a vow not to kill criminals again after Tommy's death, breaks this vow to avenge Laurel by killing her killer Damien Darhk.

In Season Five it is several times hinted, that Oliver still has romantic feelings for Laurel. Throughout the season he has become more ruthless again believing if he had stayed that way, Laurel would be alive as he still blames himself for her death. After he's abducted by an alien race, the Dominators, during the events of the 2016 Arrowverse Crossover "Invasion!" and put in a Dreamworld he finds himself in a "perfect" world were he never went lost at sea, is still in a Relationship with a still living Laurel and is about to marry her. After realizing that the world is false he leaves but confesses to "Laurel" that he still loves her and believes she deserved better than him.

In the Midseason Finale, after returning to the Arrowcave, Oliver encounters a seemingly alive Laurel. It is later revealed in the Midseason Premier, that this Laurel is in fact her villainous Earth-2 Doppelganger, called Black Siren, introduced in the second Season Episode of The Flash "Invincible". Earth-2 Laurel also confesses to Oliver in the same episode that she was in love with his Earth-2 counterpart until he died on the Queen's Gambit in contrast to Oliver. Oliver believes partially out of guilt for Laurel's death that Earth-2 Laurel can find redemption, hinting that he's become affectionate towards Earth-2 Laurel somewhat. Earth-2 Laurel herself, despite being a ruthless murderer, also implies that she is genuinely affectionate towards him too, hesitating when he begged her not to kill Felicity and appearing very conflicted while doing so. Despite Earth-2 Laurel being captured and taken to A.R.G.U.S. Oliver still believes there is hope for her.


Even though the couple never had biological children in the main Storylines, they do have some in alternate realities.


Although the Characters are less known to the general public, the couple is considered in Comic Book fan circles to be one of the most iconic Superhero Couples im Comic Book History.[1]



Destined Lovers


It’s Oliver and Laurel. It’s Lois and Clark. They can break up, get together, sleep together, break up, get married, get divorced, and she can forget him. [...] But Laurel will always be one of the closest people to him, whether that’s romantic or not. That’s why it’s so powerful to us that, in his darkest hour, Laurel is the one who pulls him out of it.
—Andrew Kreisberg, Co-Producer of Arrow, during an Interview in early 2014[2]
Let’s say you’ve been given the position of writing Green Arrow from scratch, Clean slate. You might say, ‘Okay, I’m going to write this new character,’ and when someone says, ‘Well, what about Black Canary,’ you might say… ‘nope.’ That means you completely misunderstand these characters.
—Geoff Johns in an Interview with Inverse on the importance of Black Canary to the character of Green Arrow.[3]



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