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Larxene is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. She is number XII of Organization XIII and is known as the Savage Nymph. Larxene uses knives as a weapon and commands the element of lightning. She is the nobody of an unknown woman.


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Larxene met Axel shortly after she joined the organization. She chatted with him after she was brought into the organization and asked him how he thought she looked in her new outfit. Axel did not give her a response which irritated her. He was confused when she was upset so she just complained that the castle was boring and left. Larxene and Axel were both eventually sent on a mission to Castle Oblivion. Axel killed Vexen which earned her trust. However, she was eventually killed by Sora.


Larxene joined the organization shortly after Marluxia did. They eventually began to talk and agreed that the castle was boring. When they were both sent on a mission to Castle Oblivion, they began to make plans to overthrow the organization. While other members were also sent on that mission, Larxene was the only one who was actually loyal to Marluxia. They both often talked at the top floor and worked together to manipulate Naminé. However, Sora eventually killed Larxene.


Larxene is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts character as she was the only female member of Organization XIII until Xion was introduced. Larxene lived up her title of the "Savage Nymph" and many enjoyed her cruel personality. When it comes to shipping, Larxene is most often shipped with Axel because she flirted with him when she first joined. However, she is sometimes shipped with others such as Marluxia and Demyx.


  • The name of Larxene's somebody is unknown, but many fans speculate that her name is Arlene because it is a real name that works with Larxene. However, some also like to think that her name is Relena or Arlene.

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