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Kya is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is a waterbender and the daughter of Aang and Katara.


Femslash Ships


Kya is not known to have a romantic relationship with anybody in the series. She is always seen with her mother in the Southern Water Tribe or with Tenzin or his children. Kya does appear to be wearing a necklace but it is unknown if this is actually a betrothal necklace or where she got it from.


Kya was a highly anticipated character as soon as she was announced. She was the only of Aang and Katara's children to not make an appearance during Book One: Air and many fans were irritated because of this. Some fans tried to speculate about Kya's marital status because of the necklace that she was wearing. However, it at least seemed that she never had children. A small amount of fans wrote fanon about her being engaged to somebody before breaking it off. Some have even made that man Unalaq.

Kya is most commonly shipped with Lin Beifong. Many fans stereotypically thought that Kya would be attracted to other women. Similarly, some also assumed that Lin would be attracted to other women. A large amount of fans feel that Kya and Lin would balance each other very well. Many fans were excited when Kya was revealed to be a part of the LGBT+ community because they felt that it really gave Kyalin a chance.


  • Kya is named after her maternal grandmother who was killed by the Fire Nation.
  • Kya was originally thought to be the first child as she was listed first until she was later revealed to be the second child.
  • Kya is known to be a part of the LGBT+ community, but it is unknown what her identity is.

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