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Kuvira is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is an earthbender and metalbender who was raised by Suyin Beifong in Zaofu. She served as the captain of the guard there until she left to form the Earth Empire. Kuvira stepped down after Korra defeated her and saved her life.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships

Baatar Jr.

It is unknown exactly how Kuvira's romantic relationship with Baatar Jr. began. The two left Zaofu together in an effort to reunite the Earth Kingdom after Su refused to get involved. The two were engaged by the time that they arrived to conquer the state of Yi. They planned on getting married after gaining control of the United Republic of Nations. However, when Korra held Baatar hostage, Kuvira willingly fired the spirit cannon at them because she felt that winning the battle was more important. However, she lamented before doing so and admitted that she loved him.


Kuvira is a rather popular character in the Legend of Korra series. As a villain, she is not quite as popular as Zaheer since he is regarded as the best villain and many feel that he really set the bar high. Kuvira is often compared to Azula for her cunning tactics and her lust for power at one point. When it comes to shipping, she is always shipped with her former fiance Baatar Jr.


  • Kuvira was voiced by Zelda Williams who is the daughter of the late Robin Williams.
  • Kuvira has been confirmed to have loved Baatar Jr. in the commentary