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Kuruk is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He was the Avatar from the Northern Water Tribe who was born almost five hundred years before Korra.


Het Ships

  • Kurukchen - Kuruk and Yangchen
  • Kummi - Kuruk and Ummi

Canon Relationships


Kuruk met Ummi at the New Moon Celebration where the two Water Tribes unite. He never had an interest in settling down until he met her. Kuruk described the situation as love at first sight as he and Ummi quickly started to date. He eventually proposed to her with a betrothal necklace and she said yes. However, during their wedding at the Spirit Oasis. Koh the Face Stealer snatched Ummi and took her into the Spirit World where he stole her face. Kuruk was heartbroken and dedicated the rest of life to getting his revenge of Koh and saving Ummi.


Kuruk has some popularity in the Avatar fandom as all avatars have some popularity. Most fans regard Kuruk as the worst avatar as he did not do much to help the world since it was already at peace thanks to the actions of the previous avatar Yangchen. Kuruk was also known to be an arrogant show-off who got into a lot of trouble prior to meeting Ummi. This caused fans to see him as the worst avatar. However, he still has his fans and many feel bad for him for losing Ummi to Koh. A lot of fans want to see Kuruk's background and his redemption.


  • While Kuruk's exact year of birth was unknown, it was revealed that Kuruk only lived for about 28–32 years. Because of this, he had the shortest known life of any Avatar.

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