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Kurt Hummel is a character from the Glee fandom.

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is a main character on Glee. He is an alumnus of William McKinley High School and the first known openly gay student to attend McKinley. Kurt is also a former member of the Cheerios, the New Directions, the Titans and The Warblers. He currently lives in New York with his friends Rachel and Santana. Before and in Season One, he was living alone with his father, as his mother died when he was eight.

In Season Two Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy, due to being bullied by David Karofsky, because of his sexuality. It is at Dalton where he first meets Blaine. However, Kurt later returns to McKinley in the episode Born This Way, when the threat of bullying has lessened. In Season Three, Kurt's senior year in high school, he attempts to get into the exclusive performance art school NYADA. He does not get accepted, but after graduating high school at the end of Season Three he goes to New York City anyway at the start of Season Four. During Season Four he moves in with Rachel Berry in New York and works at Vogue. He is now attending NYADA after he was accepted in Swan Song. Kurt was in a relationship with Blaine Anderson starting in Season Two, but they split at the end of The Break-Up.

He is portrayed by two-time Emmy nominee and Golden Globe winner, writer, author, singer, and actor Chris Colfer.


Kurt's personality is one of the most multi-faceted in the show, having interests in everything from cars to fashion, and seems to have very high standards for himself.

In the beginning of the show, he appears to be somewhat superficial; Kurt is obsessed with the latest fashions, which are normally of the highest quality and most expensive brands. He is also very obsessed with his hair, spending hours preparing it, and often adjusting it at random intervals, even when performing. While many assume him to just be a snob, the truth is, this is simply a mask that Kurt wears in order to hide his insecurities and fears.

He can be brutally honest, once telling Mercedes she looked like "a technicolor zebra" because of her hoodie. He's very smart, as proven through his quick-witted sense of humor and use of intelligent vocabulary. This was further proven when speaking to Mr. Schuester he told him he wasn't "challenged in the least" at McKinley. He can be manipulative at times, as seen when he tricks Rachel into dressing more like Sandy from Grease in order to win over Finn's affections, despite Kurt's knowledge Finn is attracted to the opposite look in a girl. This side of Kurt is also shown when he sets up Finn's mother with his father to get closer to Finn.

As the only openly gay boy at McKinley, he tries his best to keep strong, a trait that his father and many in the Glee club value in him. However, having no friends at school who he can completely talk to about being gay, he is often seen as a very lonely individual. This loneliness has at times caused his romantic interest in certain boys to become a bit unsettling, as seen during the course of his crush with Finn. When Kurt develops a crush he seems to fall hard, as shown with Finn in Season One and Blaine in Season Two.

Throughout, he is able to persevere through the cruelties of high school. Kurt puts those he cares about before his own wants, despite his superficial exterior, as in Wheels where he throws a high note, thus giving up a solo in order to spare his father the stress of being ridiculed for his son singing a girl's song, and somewhat in Laryngitis, trying to change himself so that he and his father can better relate and because he felt that he wasn't doing enough to help his dad feel comfortable (though this all may or may not be a cover-up). Kurt, like Rachel and Mercedes, can be a bit of a diva at times, but he cares deeply for his fellow Glee Club members, as seen when he wanted to help the boys get revenge against Vocal Adrenaline for egging Rachel. Tina was also picked on by two bullies, but is defended by Kurt. He also told the bullies to pick on him instead.

He has tendencies to lash out and get defensive under pressure, as illustrated particularly in his and Blaine's fight in Blame It on the Alcohol. Kurt, while ambitious, seems to always be generous enough to appreciate real talent. He contends with both Rachel and Blaine for solos, but always acknowledges Rachel's talent and singing ability. Even when competing with her for the lead solo in Funeral, he rises to his feet and applauds and is pulled down by Santana. He is extremely good at keeping secrets, even when his safety is at stake, as seen in his relationship with Karofsky. He is also sensitive enough to forgive him later because he realizes that Karofsky is miserable. Kurt is shown throughout to be a very caring individual, even towards people he isn't close to; such as defending Rory, and shouting at Santana for "attacking" him in Mash Off.

He also has a strong "family first" mentality, as shown in Wheels when he throws the high F in order to protect his father. Kurt is also an extremely forgiving person, seen when he forgives Dave for bullying him, when he forgives Rachel for running for class president, when he forgives Mercedes for busting his window, and when he forgives Blaine for cheating on him.


Kurt is slender and quite tall in regards to the rest of his New Directions teammates. His eyes are glasz (blueish, greyish, greenish color), and his skin is very pale and clear. His hair is chestnut and wavy. His pale skin earned him the nickname "Porcelain" from Sue Sylvester. He takes very good care of himself.

He seems to never wear the same outfit twice a week unless under stress or depressed, as shown in Funk. Throughout the seasons, Kurt's fashion trends change, Season One he would always wear large amounts of clothing and as the series continued the layers began to decrease, but staying eccentric all the way through. Ryan Murphy has said this is due to Kurt's journey of accepting himself for who he is.

He has also made changes in his appearance, such as getting a tattoo on his upper back, and a piercing in his tongue during Season Five, as part of his grieving process due to Finn's death. It is implied he took the piercing out.


  • Furt - is a friendship between Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel.
  • Klaine - is a slash ship between Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson.
  • Kam - is a slash ship between Sam Evans and Kurt Hummel

Canon Relationships

Blaine Anderson

Kurt and Blaine meet in Never Been Kissed, when Kurt spies on the Dalton Academy Warblers, due to a suggestion made by Puck during a meeting of the New Direction boys about how to beat the girls in the Boys vs. Girls competition. Blaine and Kurt have instant chemistry and soon develop a friendship. Blaine gives Kurt advice on how to handle Karofsky's bullying, and goes to Kurt's school to confront Karofsky about his actions, but when the bullying becomes unbearable, Kurt transfer to Dalton Academy and joins The Warblers, resulting in him and Blaine continuing to grow closer. Blaine often acts as a mentor and source of courage for Kurt, before making the transition into a romantic interest. In A Very Glee Christmas, Kurt reveals to Will that he is in love with Blaine, and that Blaine is actually gay. The two perform their first duet, Baby, It's Cold Outside. Then in Silly Love Songs, Kurt admits to Blaine that he has feelings for him. Blaine confesses that he has no idea what he is doing when it comes to romance, and the two agree to stay friends. They remain just friends until Blaine realizes he is in love with Kurt in Original Song (when Kurt sings Blackbird by The Beatles). This is the episode in which they share their very first kiss, and it is assumed that they start dating very soon afterwards. In the episode New York Blaine tells Kurt that he loves him, to which Kurt replies that he loves him, too. Their relationship is taken to the next step in Season Three where Blaine transfers to McKinley because he can't stand to be apart from the person he loves.

Kurt and Blaine share loving looks during some songs and rarely fight, having had had three fights during the course of their relationship so far (The First Time, Dance with Somebody and The Break-Up). They have been dating for over a year, their one-year anniversary was on 15 March 2012. They also lost their virginities to each other in Season Three in the episode The First Time.

In Season Four, Kurt and Blaine's relationship is tested when Blaine convinces Kurt to move to New York in The New Rachel. They maintain their long distance relationship successfully at first via skyping and texting, but with conflicting schedules, things start to slide quickly. In The Break-Up, Blaine surprises Kurt by showing up in New York early. During Blaine's acoustic performance of Teenage Dream, he becomes very emotional, which Kurt notices. Eventually, Kurt asks Blaine what the problem is, resulting in Blaine telling him that he was with someone else back in Lima (presumably Eli.C). Kurt leaves heartbroken and ends up giving him the silent treatment. In The Role You Were Born to Play, Blaine admits to Sam that since the break-up, he hasn't been the same and is afraid that he lost the love of his life.

Now, In the weeks leading up to season 5, it has been speculated that Kurt and Blaine will get engaged. Chris Colfer was spotted on set recently wearing an engagement ring. There were also two songs shot in the past few weeks (All You Need is Love, Got To Get You Into My Life) that lead fans to believe that Klaine is in fact back together

Finn Hudson

Kurt and Finn have a great deal of interaction earlier in Season One. Finn is a member of the Football Team. To this, many of his teammates constantly bully and harass Kurt. While Finn never actually puts a stop to the abuse, it is clear that he's not comfortable with mistreating Kurt and often tries to help Kurt in small yet significant ways, such as allowing him to remove his expensive Marc Jacobs jacket before being tossed him into the dumpster, as seen in the episode Pilot After Finn joins New Directions, he seems to stop taking part in bullying. It is shown that Kurt is attracted to him and develops a crush on him. Kurt is often seen watching Finn out of the corner of his eye and during the song Push It in the episode Showmance, he playfully slaps Finn on the butt. In the episode Ballad, Kurt is chosen to sing a duet with Kurt. As they rehearse, Kurt chooses I'll Stand by You by the Pretenders, knowing it is one of Finn's favorites. When Finn balks, saying he "can't sing to a dude," and admits he is under a lot of pressure due to Quinn's pregnancy, Kurt suggests to Finn that he imagine he is singing to Quinn's baby girl (who he believes at the time is his daughter) as a way to express that he loves her, even though Quinn plans to give her up.

It appears that Finn is aware of Kurt's feelings. For example, when Kurt approaches him, hoping for help in trying out for the football team, Finn automatically assumes that Kurt wants to ask him to the school dance. Finn preemptively turns him down, and then says, "But I'm flattered, I know how important dances are to teen gays." Kurt insists that he is not gay, although later in the episode he comes out to his father. In Ballad, when Mr. Schuester divides the club into pairs and instructs each group to sing a ballad, Kurt and Finn are partners. Finn is reluctant to be paired with a boy, but Kurt is overjoyed. Through the rest of the episode, he attempts to seduce Finn through the guise of friendship. His plan does not work, as Finn continues to think of him in a strictly platonic sense. However, Kurt's helpful advice for Finn's personal problems, and the fact that both boys have lost a parent, do bring the two closer together in friendship. In the end, Kurt slyly confesses his feelings by naming his ballad choice, I Honestly Love You. Finn seems confused by this selection, making it unclear as to whether he entirely understands Kurt's meaning.

Kurt later attempts to bring down some of his romantic competition by giving Rachel a bad makeover. When Rachel realizes that Kurt had been manipulating her, she confronts him. Kurt painfully admits that while they are both infatuated with Finn, neither of them have a chance, because he is in love with Quinn. Regardless, Kurt continues trying to get closer to Finn. It is soon revealed that, several months before, he had introduced his father, Burt, to Finn's mother, Carole, for just this purpose. The adults hit it off, but Finn initially dislikes the idea of someone replacing his father. However, he reconsiders his feelings toward the situation when he and Burt begin to bond. Their strengthening father-son relationship makes Kurt feel very jealous and left out, and he worries that he is not masculine enough to win his father's true friendship. However, Burt eventually tells Kurt that he loves him "no matter what," and the two repair their relationship. Burt soon invites Carole and Finn to move in with him and Kurt. This would entail Kurt and Finn sharing a bedroom, which Finn feels very reluctant to do. His feelings of uncomfortableness build up, and he finally explodes when Kurt redecorates their room in an overly flamboyant manner. Finn calls Kurt out on his feelings for him, and calls several of the decorations "faggy." This is overheard by Burt, who yells at Finn and throws him out of the house for disrespecting his son. Finn regrets saying it immediately after but it was too late since Burt had already made up his mind. Kurt is devastated and reduced to tears by the situation. However, he begins to feel better toward the end of the episode, when Finn makes himself a strange and flamboyant Lady Gaga costume from shower curtain. He then wears it in school and protects Kurt from a pair of bullies. This helps Kurt forgive Finn, and Finn is redeemed.

In Audition, Kurt tells Finn that he is no longer cool in most of the students' eyes because he is no longer a football player. In Grilled Cheesus, Finn is angry that Kurt failed to tell him about Burt being put in the hospital, hinting that Finn really does care about the Hummels. Despite being upset, he continues to support Kurt throughout the episode. In Furt, it is announced that Burt and Carole plan to get married. Both Kurt and Finn are excited, and they begin to plan the wedding together. However, Finn demonstrates lingering uneasiness about being openly fond of Kurt. For instance, when most of the other New Directions boys threaten Kurt's chief bully, Finn hangs back. However, he soon realizes that he needs to fully embrace Kurt. Burt and Carole get married, and the glee club provides music for the wedding. After the ceremony, Finn makes a toast to Kurt acknowledging that they are now brothers, and saying, "From now on, no matter what it costs me, I got your back." He then sings Just the Way You Are, backed by the New Directions, and dances with Kurt.

Shortly after the wedding, Kurt decides that, due to incessant bullying, he doesn't feel safe and content at William McKinley. Burt and Carole agree to spend their would-be honeymoon money on Kurt's tuition to Dalton Academy, a private school with a zero-tolerance harassment policy, which Kurt's friend Blaine attends. Finn and Mercedes are both visibly upset by Kurt's impending transfer, but Kurt makes it clear that his decision is final. During The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, Kurt claims that he "brings Finn a glass of warm milk every night" in hopes that Finn will have a "lady chat" with him. This is most likely out of concern for Finn, who had recently broken up with Rachel. In Blame It on the Alcohol, Finn mentions that Kurt is blackmailing him after seeing Finn's browser history. He and Finn talk briefly during Rachel's party, as the two of them are the only sober party-goers (Finn being the designated driver and Kurt trying to impress his crush, Blaine Anderson). A drunk Blaine then slings an arm around Finn, babbling about how awesome it is that he and Kurt are stepbrothers and how tall Finn is. In Born This Way, when Kurt finally returns to McKinley, Finn makes a promise to Burt that he will keep an eye on Kurt. Later during Somewhere Only We Know, Finn welcomes Kurt back to McKinley with a hug. In Prom Queen, Finn is supportive of Kurt's prom outfit, saying, "Dude that totally rocks. It's like a gay braveheart." He also is seen sitting on the couch with Blaine, Kurt's now-boyfriend, and the two appear to be on friendly terms.


  • Chris Colfer had originally auditioned for the role of Artie, but the producers loved his audition so much, they created Kurt just for him. He was used in place of an Indian character, Rajeesh, who was intended to be Mercedes Jones's love interest.
  • Kurt is the first character to be identified by name in the series.
  • The name "Kurt Hummel" comes from the character "Kurt von Trapp" from The Sound of Music, in which Chris Colfer had once played, and Hummel is named after the Hummel collector dolls with rosy cheeks.
  • Despite being an openly gay character, Kurt's first on-screen kiss was with a girl.
  • Alongside with Blaine, Will, Finn, Sue, Mike, Quinn, Santana, Brittany and Rachel, they are the only characters to have a middle name revealed.
  • Kurt auditioned for the Glee Club because his dad said he needed to join a team by the end of the week.
  • As revealed in 2009, Mercedes was the one to suggest that Kurt audition for New Directions with Mr. Cellophane.
  • Kurt has at least one solo in every season, except the last one.
  • From the second season onwards, he had fewer solos than the previous season. He didn't even get one in the final season.
  • Kurt sang in a total of 111 songs and appeared in 116 episodes, making Chris Colfer the second most frequent cast member on the series.
  • He was the first openly gay guy in the show.