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Kori Morishita is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is an earthbender from the Fire Nation colony of Yu Dao and the daughter of its mayor.


Canon Relationships


It is unknown exactly how Kori met Sneers but they eventually fell in love and began to date. However, they were both on opposite sides of a conflict. Sneers was a member of the Freedom Fighters who wanted the Fire Nation gone from the colonies while Kori was against this because it was going to separate her parents. This led to her and Sneers fighting and temporarily breaking up. However, Sneers later saw the issue from Kori's point of view and brought this to Aang's attention. They reconciled after this.


Kori only appeared in the comics and not the actual television series so she is not that popular. However, some fans find her to be interesting because she is the first known character to have a mixed ethnicity. A lot fans were surprised when they found out that she was dating Sneers and thought that their relationship was weird and random.


  • Kori is the first known mixed-ethnicity child in the Avatar universe.

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