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Komedli is a Het ship between Komali and Medli in The Legend of Zelda series.


Komali and Medli know each other because both are Ritos who lived on Dragonroost Island. Medli was also the apprentice of Komali's grandmother until she passed away. After this happened, Komali went into a great depression and gave up on obtaining his wings because the dragon Valoo had become angry. Medli blamed herself for his lack of confidence and went to go and resolve the issue. After Link helps Valoo, she encourages Komali to go talk to him before going to obtain his winds. The Rito prince ends up succeeding and grows a pair of wings.

When Link later returns to Dragonroost Island, Medli will talk about being happy and sad at the same time before wondering if that is how a mother feels and giggling. After awakening as a sage, she will see him flying and say that she only wants him to remember her as Valoo's attendant before sneaking away. Komali will arrive wanting to give Medli a flower. After clearing the Earth Temple, she will ask Link to keep an eye on him. If he goes back to talk to Komali again, he will complain that Medli's flower wilted and that he really looked forward to her smiling at it.


Komedli has a decent amount of popularity and is one of the more popular Wind Waker ships. Many fans feel that it is heavily implied that Komali did eventually grow to have romantic feelings for Medli. However, it is often debated if she feels the same way. Since Medli explained that she had similar feelings to that of a mother, some believe that Komali's crush in one-sided. Furthermore, some think that Medli actually has feelings for Link. However, since many ship Link with Zelda/Tetra, Komedli is a popular alternative to MedLink.