Klaroline is the het ship between Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson from the The Vampire Diaries and The Originals fandoms.


Klaus and Caroline share there first scene in 3x05 but do not interact until later. In 3x11 Klaus uses his sirebond with her then boyfriend Tyler Lockwood to have him bite her to get back at a friend of theirs(Stefan Salvatore), after the situation is rezolved Klaus decides to save her and goes to her house. When he arrivess she believes he is there to kill her, and was surprised to know that she expected that of him since it was in fact her birthday. He told her he would let her die if that was what she wanted but first her reminded her that there was much of the world to see and many things she could do because she is immortal. She tells him she wants to live and he cures her. While she was sleeping he gave her a bracelet.

In 3x14 Klaus' family is having a ball and he chooses to invite Caroline he also sent her a dress to wear. When she arrives he admires the fact that she wore it to this she responds that she didn't have anything else that would otherwise she wouldn't have. They waltz together and he gives his condolences for the death of her father to this she rebukes him not wanting to hear what he had to say she stormed outside. Later in the night she is seen standing out side beside a horse.


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  • They have sex for the first time in 5x11.
  • In 7x14, they share a phone call in which Klaus gives Caroline advice.