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Kingdom Hearts is a video game series. It is a crossover series made by Square Enix and Disney.


The Kingdom Hearts games primarily follow a boy named Sora from a world known as Destiny Islands. He and his friends Kairi and Riku have an interest in traveling to other worlds. When the Heartless attack the island, Sora winds up in another world after finding that he received a mysterious weapon called the Keyblade. He joins up with Goofy and Donald Duck to find King Mickey and his friends while those aligned with the darkness are after his heart as well as the seven princesses of heart.

When somebody loses their heart, they are turned into a Heartless. If the being had a strong heart, then they would also leave behind a nobody. Thirteen of these nobodies retained their human forms and formed Organization XIII along with a fourteenth member who was a clone of the thirteenth member. Their goal was to collect hearts that were released from the Heartless by the Keyblade so that they may obtain Kingdom Hearts. In the end, it turns out that the actual goal is to allow Xehanort to spread his heart to create thirteen vessels.


Kingdom Hearts is a very popular series and has an extremely large fandom. While it is mainly geared towards children, it also has a large amount of older fans. Many love the fact that the series contains Final Fantasy characters that they know and love as well as classic Disney characters from their childhoods. Fans love to speculate possible future worlds to be included in later games and are eagerly awaiting Kingdom Hearts III. Many fans have become impatient because it has been over a decade since Kingdom Hearts II came out.

Kingdom Hearts also has a large shipping fanbase. There is a huge list of ships among the fandom, including many crack pairings. Just about any two characters that have interacted have the potential to be shipped together. The characters of Organization XIII are especially the targets for random ships. Just about every possible combination among the organization has been shipped, but some are more popular than others. Since twelve out of the fourteen members are males, most organization ships are slash ships. Slash ships are very popular in the Kingdom Hearts fandom with Soriku and AkuRoku being the most popular. However, a lot of fans also like the semi-canon SoKai and RokuNami.

List of Ships

Het Ships

Slash Ships

Femslash Ships

Anti-Sora refers to the heartless doppelganger of Sora encountered in Neverland.


  • Mickey Mouse was originally going to be the main protagonist of the game before it was changed to Sora instead.
  • The Original game was suppose to be the only Kingdom Hearts game to release. After the game grew so popular, Disney and Square Enix agreed to create a franchise.
  • The idea for this game came about when producer Shinji Hashimoto met with a Disney executive in an elevator; Square and Disney had previously worked in the same building in Japan.
  • Sora was originally a half-human/ half-lion anthromorphic.
  • The Kingdom Key was originally a chainsaw like weapon, but was scrapped after Disney employees agreed that the weapon didn't look child-friendly.

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