Karapit is a Het ship between Pipit and Karane in The Legend of Zelda series.


Pipit and Karane are both senior students at the Knight Academy in Skyloft. Karane seems to have an interest in Pipit from the start of the game because she often asks Link for his opinion on him and often compares their accomplishments. When a love letter is brought to her from Cawlin, she still would rather be with Pipit. He later arrives while Cawlin is asking her out and also asks her out. Karane decides to go out with Pipit.


Karapit has a decent amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom and is one of the more well known ships from Skyward Sword. Many fans find Karane's crush on Pipit to be adorable and were happy to see that he returns her feelings. Some fans feel bad for Cawlin since he really liked her and Link tried to help him get together with her since that was the focus of the side-quest. However, Karapit is still more popular because it is canon.