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Kanna is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is a woman from the Southern Water Tribe and is the grandmother of Sokka and Katara.


Het Ships

  • Kabumi - Kanna and Bumi
  • Kakku - Kanna and Pakku

Femslash Ships

  • Kama - Kanna and Hama
  • Yuganna - Kanna and Yugoda

Canon Relationships

First husband

Not much is known about Kanna's first husband. She most likely got together with him after leaving the Northern Water Tribe and running away from her engagement with Pakku. At some point, they had a son named Hakoda. It is unknown what happened to her husband or where he is but he was not present by the start of the series. It is likely that he passed away at some point since Kanna eventually got remarried to Pakku.


Kanna was arranged to marry Pakku when they were both teenagers and living in the Northern Water Tribe. A betrothal necklace was carved for her by him at it was tradition. However, Kanna was fed up with the strict customs of her tribe and eventually moved to the south. Several decades later, Pakku went to help rebuild the south. The two eventually married. Pakku even carved a new betrothal necklace for Kanna.


Kanna has a small amount of popularity in the Avatar fandom. She was only shown in the first two episodes so she was not seen much. Many fans were surprised to learn that Kanna was actually from the Northern Water Tribe. Some celebrated when Pakku announced that they got married during the finale of the series. A lot fans wonder who is the father of Hakoda and wonder exactly where he came from and what happened to him.



Hakoda is the son of Kanna and her first husband. He is also the father of Sokka and Katara and the husband of Kya who was eventually killed by the Fire Nation. Hakoda was a renowned warrior of the Southern Water Tribe and eventually became the chief. He also left with the all of the warriors from their tribe to fight in the war against the Fire Nation.


  • Kanna greatly resembled Katara when she was younger.

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