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Kairi is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Kairi is a princess of heart from Radiant Garden who ended up on Destiny Islands. She is best friends with Sora and Riku and recently discovered the ability to wield a keyblade.



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SoKai - the ship between Sora and Kairi
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KaiNami - the ship between Kairi and Naminé
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Kairi met Sora after she ended up on Destiny Islands and quickly became friends with him. They eventually decided to try and travel to other worlds along with Riku. The world was eventually swallowed by darkness and Kairi lost her heart. She was able to latch onto Sora's heart where she remained until he released their hearts. Sora was briefly turned into a heartless but Kairi recognized him and brought him back with her embrace of light. After Sora save Kingdom Hearts, Kairi was returned to Destiny Islands while Sora went to look for Riku. They shared one final moment and promised that they would always be with each other.

One year passed and most briefly forgot about Sora due to Naminé fixing his memories. However, Kairi still somewhat remembered him and eventually connected to him through Roxas. After remembering him, she continued to wait for him but was forced to leave Destiny Islands when Organization XIII was pursuing her. She was eventually captured but Naminé and Riku helped save her and she was reunited with Sora in the World that Never Was. They were briefly separated again but were reunited when Sora read her letter and returned via the Door to Light.


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Kairi met Riku after she ended up on Destiny Islands and the two quickly became friends along with Sora. Her arrival inspired him to look for other worlds and they eventually planned to leave the island on a raft. Unfortunately, the world was soon swallowed by darkness. Riku eventually found her with the help of Maleficent and learned that she lost her heart. After Kairi's heart was returned, Riku had been possessed by Xehanort's Heartless but he was able to hold him back when he attempted to attack her.

Kairi waited back at Destiny Islands for over a year while Sora was out looking for Riku. At one point, she told Selphie that she believed that she would see him again. Kairi was eventually captured by Organization XIII and rescued by Naminé. She kept blinking out so Kairi was eventually passed on to Riku. She pulled his hood down and saw that he looked like Xehanort's Heartless. Kairi then revealed to Sora that he was Riku and helped him see that. Riku was eventually returned to normal and although they were briefly separated, he and Sora were reunited with Kairi when they returned to Destiny Islands. Riku eventually brought Kairi to Yen Sid because of her ability to wield a keyblade.



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  • Aqua's protective charm on Kairi is what allowed her to end up on Destiny Islands. Her heart followed Sora's heart.