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Kai is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is an orphan and former thief who became an airbender following Harmonic Convergence as well as the current boyfriend of Jinora.


Het Ships

  • Kainora - Kai and Jinora
  • Kaipal - Kai and Opal

Canon Relationships


Kai met Jinora as soon as he joined her and the group while forming the new Air Nation. Kai still had his old thieving habits and was initially oblivious to her crush on him. However, he was eventually captured by the Dai Li and learned his lesson. Jinora was eventually able to locate Kai because of their connection and the group later came to rescue him. Jinora kissed Kai on the cheek and he blushed.

Kai later went to the Nortern Air Temple along with Jinora and the rest of the Air Nation. The two often snuck off to fly around together and look at the baby sky bison. Kai eventually told Jinora that she should have her tattoos because she was an amazing airbender. The Red Lotus later attacked the Air Temple and Kai distracted P'Li so that the others could escape and was nearly blown up in the process. Kai later located the imprisoned Air Nomads and helped Team Avatar rescue them. Kai and Jinora hugged afterwards. Weeks later, Kai attended Jinora's mastery ceremony. The two began to date at some point over the next three years.


Kai was the first of the new airbenders to be revealed as a result of leaks for Book Three: Change. Since it was not known that new airbenders appeared, many fans speculated that Kai was the son or grandson of Bumi or Kya. However, a clip was released where Jinora blushed at Kai and other airbenders were soon revealed. As he was later known to be Jinora's love interest, fans started to ship him with her and Kainora is now one of the most popular ships.


  • Kai's character is based on a combination of Avatar Aang and Wan's personalities.