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Junroh is a Het ship between Iroh and June in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Iroh was infatuated in June after they met. There was an Earth Kingdom stowaway hiding in Zuko's ship so June arrived to capture him and collect his bounty while damaging a part of the ship. Iroh and Zuko later located her at a pub. Zuko tried to get her to help them find the Avatar for free due to the damage she caused to the ship. She refused so Iroh offered her gold since he wanted to be around her. They worked together and eventually found Aang. While fighting him, June's Shirshu Nyla stunned her and Zuko. After the battle, Iroh pretended to be stunned while holding onto June. Zuko tried to point out that Iroh was never stunned to which he responded by shushing Zuko.


Junroh is a somewhat popular ship in the Avatar fandom. Some find it to be gross because of their age difference as they find Iroh to be way too old for June. Still, some fans love it because it gives Iroh a new love interest. It is assumed that Iroh is widowed as the mother of Lu Ten is never seen or mentioned. Because of this, some like to see Iroh with June as she is the only person he showed interest in besides an unnamed ticket lady.