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Junko is a Het ship between Zuko and June in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Zuko first met June when she damaged a part of his ship with her Shirshu Nyla. There was a stowaway inside of the ship and June was a bounty hunter. Zuko later confronted her and said that she owed him for the damaged done to his ship, which she refused to pay. Iroh then offered to pay her gold in exchange for her assistance in finding Aang. June accepted the offer which irritated Zuko because he did not believe that they should pay. When he showed June Katara's necklace, she teased Zuko for losing his girlfriend and said that she was too good for them when they found her.

Several months later, Zuko joined Team Avatar and Aang went missing. Since the group could not find him, Zuko came up with the idea of locating June to help them find Aang. Upon arriving, June saw Katara standing with Zuko and remarked that they must have worked things out. Both were angry and replied that they were not a couple. June tried to help Zuko find Aang but Nyla could not pick up his scent so she helped them find Iroh instead.


Junko only has a small amount of popularity because most fans prefer to ship her with Iroh instead. However, it still has some fans. A lot fans think that she was jealous of Katara since she assumed that they were a couple and Zuko did not deny it at first. Some fans also point out the fact that Zuko has sought her out a couple of times which makes some fans think that he cared for her opinion. Junko usually rivals the Junroh ship as well as many other ships involving Zuko.


  • June is sometimes dubbed "Pope June" for being the first Zutara shipper and many fans claim that she was the first to ship Zuko with Katara.