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Jinora is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is a master airbender as well as the girlfriend of Kai, daughter of Tenzin and Pema, and granddaughter of Avatar Aang and Katara.


Het Ships

  • Jinoochy - Jinora and Skoochy
  • Kainora - Jinora and Kai

Canon Relationships


Jinora first met Kai when he was recruited to join the new Air Nation. However, he had nack of getting in trouble and was captured by the Dai Li. When trying to find him, Korra suggested that she use their special connection to find his spirit so she did so and it worked. When she arrived to rescue him, Jinora kissed Kai on the cheek which made him blush. When they were at the Northern Air Temple, Kai told Jinora that she was an amazing airbender and encouraged her to ask her father for her mastery tattoos. Later, when P'Li was trying to shoot at the airbenders, Kai distracted her and was shot at which made Jinora scream. When he arrived to rescue her after she was shackled in a cave, Jinora was relieved to see him alive. Jinora and Kai started to date at some point over the next three years.


Jinora was a highly anticipated character of the Legend of Korra as soon as she was introduced at a Comic Con panel. Some fans shipped her with Bolin despite the six year age difference and the fact that Jinora was only ten at the start of the series. As soon as Skoochy appeared in the series, many fans began to ship Jinora with him despite the fact that they never met. The crack pairing Jinoochy was very popular until Jinora actually got a canon love interest. Once Jinora ended up with Kai, the pairing between them became one of the most popular pairings. A lot of fan fiction involved Jinora receiving her mastery tattoos which ended up coming true at the end of Book Three: Change.


  • Jinora supposedly has a close bond with her Aunt Kya.

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