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Jin is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is a citizen of Ba Sing Se.


  • Jeo - Jin and Teo
  • Jinko - Jin and Zuko
  • Jinru - Jin and Haru
  • Jit - Jin and Jet

Canon Relationships


Jin had a crush on Zuko as she saw him frequently as the Pao Family Tea House. She regularly drank tea there for over a week and kept eying Zuko who was working there as she found him to be attractive. Eventually, as Jin went up to pay, she asked Zuko out on a date. Zuko did not say anything so his Uncle Iroh answered for him and said yes. The two went out on a date to a restaurant and then to a firelight fountain. After Zuko managed to turn the lights back on, Jin kissed Zuko. He briefly kissed her back before running off. After the fall of Ba Sing Se, Zuko got together with Mai. Jin saw them together and did not seem to mind. In fact, she participated in a knife-throwing activity with them.


Jin is a somewhat popular minor character in the Avatar fandom. Despite being a one-off character, she is commonly shipped with Zuko. Many fans who ship them together would rather see Jin with Zuko than Mai. Since the identity of Zuko's wife has still not been revealed, many fans hope that Jin is the one who ended up with him, as Katara is already known to be impossible as she married Aang. Some fans also like to she Jin with Haru as a solution to giving them both a love interest.


  • When Mako and Bolin's grandmother Yin was revealed as a character, some fans thought that she was actually Jin with a misspelled name or at least related to Jin.

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