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Jet is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is a hook sword fighter and was the leader of the Freedom Fighters prior to his death.


Het Ships

  • Jai - Jet and Mai
  • Jetara - Jet and Katara
  • Jetzula- Jet and Azula

Slash Ships

Canon Relationships


Jet and Katara met when he and the Freedom Fighters saved Team Avatar from a Fire Nation camp that they were waiting to ambush. Katara quickly fell for Jet and it is possible that he fell for her too. Katara trusted Jet over Sokka until she finally learned that Jet planned to flood a nearby town. Katara was upset and froze Jet to a tree. She called Jet sick and never wanted to see him again.

Jet encountered Katara again months later in Ba Sing Se. He wanted to help her find Appa but Katara did not trust him. However, the other members of Team Avatar convinced her to give him a chance. It turned out that the Dai Li brainwashed Jet in order to mislead them so Katara healed his memory and he led to Lake Laogai. Long Feng managed to reactivate Jet's brainwashing until Aang talked some sense into him. Jet took a fatal earthbending blow and Katara attempted to heal him but her attempt was in vain as they were forced to leave Jet behind to die.


Jet is a rather popular minor character in the Avatar fandom. While some do find him to be a jerk, many fans are understanding of him because of his tragic past and feel that he did redeem himself before he died. Jet's death was ambiguous so many fans hoped that there was still a chance that he was alive but it was eventually confirmed that Jet did die. The most popular ship with Jet seems to be Jetara but some also ship him with Mai because it works with Zutara. Yaoi fans also like to ship Jet with Zuko because of the time they bonded on the boat.


  • Jet's death was ambiguous and never directly stated in the show but the creators eventually confirmed that Jet did die.
  • Jinora eventually visited the room where Jet died with her Spiritual Projection.

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