Irosami is a Het ship between Iroh and Asami Sato in The Legend of Korra series.


Asami and Iroh met after Korra rescued him from drowning and brought him back to the hideout. The two did not interact much but they were in the same group for the final battle. They were both captured after walked into an electric fence and thrown into a prison cell along with Bolin. They eventually managed to escape.


Irosami became popular along with Korroh as soon as Iroh was introduced as a character, before the two had even met. Makorrra fans saw it as solution to Asami being alone after she and Mako broke up. While the two did not interact much during the final battle, many still shipped the two together. Support for this pairing did decline when Iroh did not make very many appearances in the future and the growing support for Korrasami. However, it was also revealed that Asami was going to run off with Iroh and join the United Forces before Book Two was confirmed. This excited many fans.


  • Before Book Two was confirmed, Iroh was supposed to be present at the end. Asami was going to run off with him and join the United Forces.

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