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Iron Man is a Marvel comic book and film series, based around Tony Stark's Iron Man.



List of Ships

Marvel Fandom

This series is part of the Marvel multiverse. The ships listed below have frequently been seen in the Iron Man (film), Iron Man 2 (film), Iron Man 3 (film), The Invincible Iron Man (film) or the Iron Man Comic Books .

  • The Movies or Comics section refers to where the relationship is seen the most. Either in the MCU Iron Man movies or the Iron Man Comics.

Het ships

Ship Movies or Comics* Character 1 Character 2
Pepperony Both Pepper Potts Tony Stark
Iron Widow Mainly Movies Natasha Romanoff Tony Stark

Slash ships

Ship Movies or Comics* Character 1 Character 2
Cyber Husbands Both J.A.R.V.I.S Tony Stark
Iron Husbands Both James Rhodes Tony Stark
Stony Comics Steve Rogers Tony Stark
IronTooth Both Victor Creed Tony Stark

Femslash ships

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