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Iroh is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is a firebender and the general of the United Forces. Iroh is also the son of Fire Lord Izumi and grandson of Zuko.


Het Ships


Iroh does not have any known canon romantic relationships. The character that he has interacted with the most during the show is Avatar Korra. Korra saved Iroh from drowning and healed his injuries. When she decided that it was time to face Amon, Iroh decided that it was best to trust his judgement. Six months, later, Korra came to Iroh while seeking help with Unalaq taking over the Southern Water Tribe. Iroh tried to help to help her until President Raiko intervened. Iroh then told her to go get help from his family in the Fire Nation.


Iroh became a popular character as soon as he was introduced. Fans had known for a long time that Dante Basco was going to voice a character and were excited when Iroh was finally introduced. Fans immediately began to ship Iroh with either Korra or Asami, even though he had not met anybody from Team Avatar at that point. When Korra ended up with Mako at the end of Book One, many fans shipped him with Asami to solve the problem of the latter now being single. Others still shipped him with Korra as they felt that he was a better match for her. Some fans also shipped Iroh with Bolin because of the moment when they were tied to each other. Iroh was later revealed to be thirty-six years old in Book One, but that did not stop the fans from shipping him with these characters.


  • Iroh is named after his grandfather Zuko's Uncle Iroh.
  • Iroh was originally going to the present at the Southern Water Tribe at the end of Book One. Asami was going to join the United Forces.
  • After the series ended, it was revealed that Iroh has an unnamed younger sister.
  • Iroh is voiced by Dante Basco, the same voice actor for Zuko during Avatar: The Last Airbender.