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Iroh is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is the uncle of Zuko and Azula and the older brother of Ozai. Iroh was supposed to be the Fire Lord until Ozai usurped the throne from him. He is also a very powerful firebender and the leader of the Order of the White Lotus.


Het Ships

  • Junroh - Iroh and June
  • Liroh - Iroh and Li
  • Loroh - Iroh and Lo

Other Ships

  • Tearoh - Iroh and tea

Canon Relationships

First wife

Nothing is known about Iroh's wife, save for the fact that they had a son named Lu Ten together. It is likely that she passed away at some point before the start of the series, as she was never seen in Zuko's flashbacks and Iroh was flirting with other women.


Iroh met June when she climbed aboard their battleship to capture a stowaway from the Earth Kingdom. Zuko was angered by this and followed her to try and make her repay him from the damage. Iroh immediately found June to be attractive. When June refused to offer free services in order to pay for the damage to his ship, Iroh offered her gold because he really wanted to hire her. Later, June was stunned by her own Shirshu Nyla along with Zuko. Iroh was not hit but pretended to be and fell with June while holding her.


Iroh is one of the most popular Avatar characters. He is one of the most loved characters due to his laid-back and comedic personality and for his wisdom. However, he is not very common when it comes to shipping and fan-made pairings, most likely due to his age and the fact that he already had a child at one point. Many fans ship Iroh with June since he showed interest in her but some find that ship to be gross due to the age difference. Others ship Iroh with other elderly women such as Lo or Li.


Lu Ten

Lu Ten
Lu Ten is the son and only child of Iroh. He was also a soldier of the Fire Nation who served under Iroh during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. However, Lu Ten was eventually killed during the siege. This caused Iroh to fall into depression and withdraw from the siege completely. Lu Ten was supposedly good friends with his cousin Zuko while he was alive.


  • Iroh invented the Avatar universe's equivalent of bobble tea.
  • Iroh is one of two known humans to permanently ascend to the Spirit World after death.

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