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Irink is a Het ship between Link and Irene in The Legend of Zelda series.


Irene first learns of Link when she has her fortune told. She is warned of facing certain doom unless she takes care of "green". When Irene runs into Link, she realizes that her fortune was referring to him and decides to help him by flying him around the world whenever he rings a bell that she gave him. Eventually, she is captured by Yuga and turned into a painting. However, Irene is still able to have her broom appear to Link and fly him around the world while she is imprisoned.

Link can go to the witch hut and speak to Irene's grandmother. She will eventually tell him that she was kidnapped. When Link arrives in Lorule, he will see Irene's painting and realize that she is a sage. After clearing the Desert Palace, he saves her and she tells him about being a sage. Irene is then able to communicate with Link telepathically whenever he calls her broom. Once he saves all of the sages, she helps him reach the Triforce of Courage. After saving the world, Link goes to return the Master Sword while Irene and the other sages watch.


Irink has a small amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. While it is not entirely popular due to Irene only being in one game, it is still one of the more popular ships from A Link Between Worlds. Many speculate that Irene eventually developed a crush on Link while she was helping him. While she acts like she was only helping him in order to save herself from certain doom, many find her to be a tsundere and think that this is just an act. Shippers of Maplink often ship Irink because they find Maple and Irene to be very similar.