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Iknik Blackstone Varrick is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is the wealthy owner of a successful company and husband to Zhu Li Moon.


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Zhu Li Moon

Varrick and Zhu Li had worked together for a long time as Zhu Li was Varrick's assistant. The two were so in sync that Varrick could tell Zhu Li to "do the thing" and she would immediately know what to do. While working for Kuvira, they began to develop feelings for each other. However, Varrick still treated Zhu Li as an assistant which bothered her and caused her to turn on him for Kuvira. However, it turned out that Zhu Li was just bluffing in order to sabotage Kuvira. Eventually, Varrick proposed to Zhu Li and the two were married after the final battle for Republic City.


Varrick was a highly anticipated character of Book Two: Spirits as soon as was introduced at a Comic Con panel. His name was mistakenly spelled as "Verick" until the spelling of his name was posted online. Many fans began to ship him with Asami due to their partnership and Asami now being single. Some fans also decided to ship him with Bolin. Once Book Two: Spirits started to air, a lot of fans found his character to be very funny. They also started to ship him with Zhu Li. The popularity for his character did decline slightly when it was revealed that he double crossed Asami. The amount of support for Varrick as a character and him as a pairing with Zhu Li increased during Book Four: Balance until Varrick married Zhu Li in the finale and everybody celebrated.


  • Varrick is usually referred to by his last name. His full name was not revealed until the final episode of the series.

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