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Ikem is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is an actor from Hira'a and the second husband of Ursa.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships


Ikem and Ursa were childhood friends and started dating at some point. They eventually got engaged while practicing for their roles in a play. However, the then prince Ozai arrived on the same day and proposed to Ursa. She accepted and was leaving with him when Ikem tried to stop them. Ursa yelled at Ikem and told him to go home. He was distraught and ran off to Forgetful Valley in order to have his face changed.

Years later, Ursa was eventually exiled from the capital and returned to Hira'a. She discovered that her parents had passed away and went to cry on the stage at the theater. Ikem found her and invited her to breakfast. When Ursa tried to leave, he revealed his identity to her. They went off to Forgetful Valley to have her face changed and painful memories erased. Zuko eventually came back to find Ursa so Ikem revealed the truth to her.


Ikem was introduced in the comics and never appeared during the actual series. Because of this, fans who have not read the comics are not familiar with him. A lot of fans were shocked at the possibility of Ikem being Zuko's real father. Some insisted that Ozai had to be the father while others said that the evidence pointed to Ikem. It turned out to be false which disappointed some fans. Many fans are excited to see more of Ikem in the future as he is now Zuko's stepfather.



Kiyi is the only daughter of Ikem and Ursa and the half-sister of Zuko and Azula. She is a friendly and playful girl who plays with a doll that she named after herself. Zuko quickly bonded with Kiyi and even went to look at her dolls while Azula intimidated her and threatened to behead her dolls. When Azula learned that Kiyi was her half-sister, she became jealous and felt that her mother was trying to replace her. Zuko later took Kiyi to the Fire Nation capital along with Ikem and Ursa.