Hilson quotes and conversations.

Season 1


~House $James Wilson *1 That smugness of yours really is an attractive quality.
~House $Gregory House *1 Square Thank you. It was either that or get my hair highlighted. Smugness is easier to maintain.
— Occam's Razor
~House $James Wilson *1 I’ve got no kids, my marriage sucks; I’ve only got two things that work for me: this job and this stupid, screwed-up friendship, and neither mattered enough to you to give one lousy speech.
~House $Gregory House *1 Square They mattered.
— Babies & Bathwater

Season 2


Hey honey, how are the kids? They miss me?
Failure to Communicate


House - Gregory House (homeinawoods) I am not treating you.
align="left" style="width:50px; text-align:left;background:#Data:W:c:house:Kalvin Ryan;border-bottom:1px solid #Data:W:c:house:Kalvin Ryan;vertical-align:top;"|Kalvin Ryan style="max-width:220px; padding-left:2px; background:#Data:W:c:house:Kalvin Ryan;border-bottom:1px solid #Data:W:c:house:Kalvin Ryan;"|What, because you're a closet-case?
House - James Wilson (House Season 7) Err... we're not... err... together.
House - Gregory House (homeinawoods) He is so self-loathing.
— Hunting
~House $Stacy Warner *1 If Chase screwed up so badly, why didn't you fire him?
House - Gregory House (homeinawoods) He has great hair.
~House $Stacy Warner *1 What are you hiding?
House - Gregory House (homeinawoods) I'm gay. Oh... that's not what you meant. It does explain a lot though. No girlfriend, always with Wilson, obsession with sneakers.
— The Mistake
House - Gregory House (homeinawoods) You blow dry your hair?
House - James Wilson (House Season 7) Oh, sorry, did I wake you up?
House - Gregory House (homeinawoods) You blow dry your hair?!
— Clueless

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