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Hilink is a Het ship between Link and Hilda in The Legend of Zelda series.


Link first meets Princess Hilda shortly after he arrives in Lorule. Yuga possesses Ganon and attempts to kill him so Hilda comes to his defense and teleports him away. Hilda then introduces herself to Link and tells him to save the sages so that he can obtain the Triforce of Courage and defeat Yuga. As he travels throughout Lorule, she periodically contacts him telepathically to offer him advice.

Once Link obtains the Triforce of Courage, Hilda lifts the barrier around Lorule Castle so that he can come to her. When he arrives, she explains the story of Lorule's Triforce and that their world is about to die without it. Hilda then demands Link's Triforce of Courage and has Yuga fight him. She is eventually absorbed by Yuga but still stands against Link after being saved and demands the Triforce. However, Ravio then arrives and convinces her to stop. Hilda then helps Link and Zelda return to Hyrule. Afterwards, Link and Zelda use their Triforce to restore Lorule's.


Hilink has a decent amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. It is not as popular as Zelink or Ravilda but it still has its fans. It was mainly shipped early on in A Link Between Worlds when Link and Hilda first met. However, when Hilda turned on Link, popularity somewhat declined. Ravilda became the more popular Hilda ship when it was revealed that Ravio was like the Link to Hilda's Zelda.