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Hilda is a character in The Legend of Zelda series. She is the princess of Lorule and the counterpart of Princess Zelda from that world.


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Princess Hilda greats Link when he first arrives in Lorule and protects from Yuga who had just fused with Ganon. She instructs him to sage the seven sages in order to obtain the Triforce of Courage so that he can beat Yuga. However, this turns out to be a ruse as Hilda really intended to steal the Triforce in order to save Lorule. After Link beats Yuga, she still attempts to steal the Triforce until Ravio convinces her to stop. Hilda then helps Link return to Hyrule and she uses the Triforce to bring back Lorule's Triforce.


Ravio used to be a loyal servant of Princess Hilda. However, when she plotted to steal the Triforce from Hyrule, he left. Hilda was not sure where he went but was more focused on her plan with Yuga. After Yuga was defeated, Ravio arrives to try and stop her from stealing Hyrule's Triforce. Hilda is initially angry at him for leaving her but is eventually convinced after realizing that he was just doing what he thought was best for her.


Yuga was a loyal servant of Princess Hilda and always referred to her as "her grace". The two eventually come up with a plot to steal the Triforce from Hyrule in order to save Lorule. Hilda pretends to be an enemy of Yuga and help Link with defeating him but this turns out to be a ruse the whole time. However, he eventually betrays her as he cares more about power than saving Lorule. Yuga turns Hilda into a painting and absorbs her in order to steal the Triforce of Wisdom.


Princess Hilda is the counterpart of Princess Zelda. She has Yuga turn her into a painting in order to receive the Triforce of Wisdom. As Link is traveling around Lorule to save the seven sages, Hilda watches over Zelda's portrait and speaks to her with envy. She steals the Triforce of Wisdom from her but is betrayed by Yuga. The two fight over the Triforce along with Link until Ravio intervenes and convinces her to stop. When Zelda returns to Hyrule, she and Link use the Triforce to restore Lorule's Triforce.


Princess Hilda has a mild amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. Some find her to be annoying due to her constant envy of Princess Zelda and the fact that she betrayed Link. However, it turns out that Lorule was dying and she was just trying to save her world. When it comes to shipping, Hilda is most commonly shipped with Ravio as the ship between them parallels Zelink.