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Hide is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is a school student in the Fire Nation.


Het Ships

Slash Ships

  • Hidaang - Hide and Aang



Hide claimed to Aang that On Ji is his girlfriend. He was angry and jealous when he saw Aang speaking to her. Hide was angry that Aang wanted to show her something and threatened him while taunting him from being from the Fire Nation colonies as he claimed. He told him that he had to be shown anything that was being shown to On Ji. Hide then put his arm around her and she did not deny being his girlfriend.


Hide is not a very popular Avatar character because a lot of fans dislike him. He is disliked for bullying Aang and ratting out his entire class for holding a secret dance party. A lot of fans do not think that Hide was actually On Ji's boyfriend because she did not seem to be happy around him. Still, some fans like to ship him with On Ji because it gives them love interests and works with other Aang pairings such as Kataang and Taang.


  • It is unknown if On Ji actually considered Hide to be her boyfriend.