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Helda is a Femslash ship between Hilda and Zelda in The Legend of Zelda series.


Princess Zelda and Princess Hilda are counterparts from Hyrule and Lorule respectively. Hilda learns about Hyrule and seeks Zelda's Triforce of Wisdom. Link arrives in Lorule and Hilda tasks him with saving the sages while she watches over Zelda in her painting form. As she is waiting, she constantly speaks to Zelda and expresses her envy. Once Link finally arrives with the Triforce of Courage, Hilda steals the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda. After Yuga is defeated, she still attempts to steal the Triforce of Courage from Link until Ravio arrives and convinces her to stop. Hilda then helps Zelda and Link return to Hyrule. Afterwards, the two wish on their Triforce to have Lorule's Triforce restored.


Helda has a small amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. It is often shipped along with the slash ship RavioLi. Hilda clearly shows a form of envy to Zelda and it often seen staring at her painting. Even though Hilda later reveals that she was using Zelda and wanted to steal her Triforce of Courage, Zelda never holds a grudge on her and still attempts to help her in the end. Helda is not nearly as popular as some other ships involving Zelda and Hilda in the Zelda fandom.


  • Hilda's painting resembles the depiction of Zelda with the Light Force in the Minish Cap.